WWDC 2012: Apple Store Back Up Following Keynote


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Earlier this morning we reported that the online Apple Store was down ahead of the WWDC 2012 keynote. This was seen by many as confirmation that Apple would be launching updates to the Mac lineup. Those expectations were fulfilled when Apple unveiled five new laptop models: two MacBook Airs, two MacBook Pros with incremental updates, and the remarkable next generation MacBook Pro with a retina display.

Well, grab your wallet, because the Apple Store is back up now, and Apple's new computers are there in all their aluminum unibody glory. While the features of Apple's new computers are pretty remarkable, one of the more amazing things revealed during today's keynote is that they're all available today.

New MacBooks In The Apple Store

Of course, available today doesn't necessarily mean shipping today. If you want a MacBook Air or one of the non-retina MacBook Pros, you can get it shipped today. If you want a next-gen MacBook Pro, you're going to have to wait. It's currently showing that it ships in 5-7 business days. It's not yet clear whether the computers are in stock in Apple's physical stores, though. So if you want that retina display and aren't willing to wait a week for it, you might be able to snag one at your nearest Apple Store (assuming it's a reasonable drive away).