Woody Allen Talks Mia Farrow, Death and No God

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Acclaimed director Woody Allen had a lot to say recently about Mia Farrow, death and his belief that there is "no God" and "no magic."

In an interview with the Times of London's Kevin Maher, Allen said his longtime dispute with ex Mia Farrow — including allegations he molested his daughter Dylan Farrow — has little impact on his life today.

“I don’t agonize over it for a second,” he said.

Allen, who has always denied Dylan’s claims, said he leads a very simple life.

“I do have a dull private life . . . ," said the actor and director. "I lead, in general, a very uneventful, very dull middle-class life.”

The 78-year-old says he gives little thought to how he will be remembered after his death or whether the dispute with Farrow will be a lasting legacy of his life.

“That means nothing to me. I’ve never given it a second’s thought, afterward . . . And what do I care, when I shuffle off my coil?" he said. "I don’t really care about anything that happens after my death. I don’t care if they take all of my movies and burn them.”

Allen became even more morbid while talking about death and the hereafter.

“There is no God. There is no magic. There is nothing other than the cold hard facts of what you see with your eyes. It begins. It ends. There is no reason for anything,” said Allen.

To which Maher commented, “I can’t help but feel that some of the gloom of his current worldview has been forged in the base bitterness of this long-running dispute.”

Pam Wright