Woman Suffers Disorder, Monitors BF's Every Move


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You’re dating the love of your life; sometimes you have your ups and downs – certain quirks that you put up with and accept because you absolutely love one another. Perhaps your heart was severely broken before, so you safeguard yourself by knowing exactly what your husband does through every digital footprint he leaves, making sure there is no doubt whatsoever of pure loyalty.

Such is the case with Debbi Wood, a 42-year-old woman from Dunoon, Arygll who makes sure her boyfriend (to which she’s adopted his surname), Steve Wood, 30, takes a lie detector test every time he leaves the house.

“Even if Steve pops out for 15 minutes to buy a pint of milk, I make him take a lie detector test as soon as he gets home,” Debbi said.

“I get so worried that he’s been eyeing up the shop assistant that I just have to know the truth."


Not only that, but Debbi checks Steve’s phone, email accounts, and bank statements several times a day, making sure there is no hint or any signs of cheating. Debbi – who started dating Steve back in 2011 – has even forbid him from viewing women in magazines and on television. Childproof filters on Steve’s mobile phone and laptop prevent him from viewing risqué photos of women, as well as block out television programs that feature women.

“I think he’s gorgeous, but that’s not the issue - it’s about whether or not I can trust him not to look at other women while he is out on his own. I don’t want him thinking they’re hot.”

Before she moved to Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire in late 2010, Debbi lived in the US where she suffered a severe backlash from a failing relationship which ultimately traumatized her. According to The Daily Mail, the past breakup shook Debbi up so much that doctors have diagnosed her with Othello Syndrome, a type of psychological disorder that sparks delusional jealously which usually involves heavy monitoring and control of one’s partner.


Regarding her disorder, Debbi said: “I’m relieved to finally know what’s wrong with me but I still have a long way to go.”

“I’m lucky my partner is so understanding - others might not be so fortunate.”

(Pictures via Facebook, Medavia)