Woman Straps Gas Can in Car Seat - Not Her Toddler


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This photo was posted on Facebook by the Colorado Department of Transportation. It was taken by an Aurora, Colorado traffic cop when he stopped a woman during the states "Click It or Ticket" enforcement campaign.

The woman was pulled over for conducting an illegal left turn, but was cited for two seatbelt violations and a car seat violation. The woman and her 14-year-old daughter in the passenger's seat were also unbuckled.

According to Colorado 9News , when questioned about the unrestrained child in the back seat the woman said "he unbuckles and buckles his seatbelt by himself all the time."

The officer responded "And then buckles in the gas canister?"

She had no response.

The picture was posted on Facebook with this description:

"Unbelievable! This heartbreaking photo was taken by an officer with the Aurora Police Department during Click It or Ticket enforcement last week. Share it to remind everyone that life is precious, so please be responsible and make sure children are properly restrained in the appropriate child safety seat. Go to www.carseatscolorado.com to find a free local fit station to get help."

Colorado law requires children 8 years and younger to be paced in a child safety seat when riding. Violations carry a minimum fine of $82.