Woman Named Cowit Hit a Bunch of Cows While Texting and Driving

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In you-couldn't-possibly-make-up-if-you-tried news, a woman named Daisy Cowit has been charged with a handful of crimes after plowing into a bunch of cattle in Orange County, New York.

According to witnesses and police, Cowit was texting and driving when the incident occurred. She claims that she was simply checking her phones for an incoming call - but did admits that she gave a good amount of attention to her device before plowing into the animals.

According to The Times-Herald Record, Cowit hit 6 or 7 milks cows out of a herd of around 50 belonging to a local farmer. The cows were crossing the road at the time. Out of the cows hit, three were seriously injured and their status is still up in the air. Speaking of up in the air, witnesses claim that Cowit sent one of the cows flying five feet in the air during the impact.

Poor cows - obviously. But also poor farmer, who claimed that the cows all have names and have "become like part of the family." There's also the fact that his dairy cows are worth upwards of a few thousand dollars.

"If you don't see 50 cows in the road, you're doing something you shouldn't be doing," said the farmer.

Agreed. Slamming into a bunch of cows is bad enough - but in a different circumstance the impediments to Cowit's distracted driving could have been, well, human.

Cowit was later arrested and charged with reckless driving, criminal mischief, and reckless endangerment. She also faces some other traffic violations - mainly operating a motor vehicle while using a cellphone.

I'll reiterate the fact that I'm not making up her name. It's Cowit. Really.

It's just another sad story of distracted drivers getting into a lot of shit. Just don't do it. You could kill someone - or something. Or you could be forced to pay an incredibly hefty fine. Or you could drive straight into a freaking lake.

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