Woman Beaten by Angry Taco Bell Breakfast Seekers

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Much to the delight of people who hear 'waffle taco' and think 'perfect start to my day', Taco Bell began offering breakfast back in March. Thanks, in part, to a social media blitz and marijuana, probably, Taco Bell breakfast got off to a fast start. In the past couple of weeks, the company has even expanded its breakfast menu to include more items, like the biscuit taco – which is exactly what you think it is. McDonald's isn't in danger of losing its fast food breakfast crown or anything, but it's clear that people love their Taco Bell.

Now, police in Tucson are saying that Taco Bell breakfast – or rather the lack of it – is at the center of a brutal attack this past Sunday.

A woman (called 'Jane' for anonymity) stopped at Taco Bell around 10:30ish on Sunday, hoping to get some lunch. After completing her order and pulling away, a nightmare began.

I'll let KGUN9 in Tucson pick up the story from here.

"And within seconds I hear someone laying on the horn," she said.

It was the SUV and the couple behind her in line. Soon they were alongside her.

"And there's a black male hanging out the window and he yells, 'You f*cking bitch,'" she said

As Jane dialed 9-1-1 she lost sight of the SUV and pulled onto a side street, where they were waiting. With a rock the man broke Jane's driver side window.

"He then used that rock and hit me on the left side of my head by my ear and punched me in my mouth and nose," she said.

The beating left jane with a broken nose and broken teeth.

According to KGUN, detectives believe that the motivation for the seemingly random crime is Taco Bell breakfast and timing. Apparently, while Jane was completing her order, Taco Bell switched from their breakfast to lunch menu – preventing the people in the SUV from getting the waffle tacos they so desired.

Police have yet to find the attackers. On a related note, I think I'm going to go back to bed.

Image via Taco Bell, Facebook

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