Wiz Khalifa Talks About New Material


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Wiz Khalifa, the immensely popular musical artist and budding shoe designer, has released new songs much to the delight of his fans.

With more than 11 million followers on Twitter, Wiz Khalifa has taken to the social media outlet to promote both his newer musical works as well as his shoe line.

His new songs, "Look Into My Eyes" and "Look What I Got On" may appear on the upcoming album Blacc Hollywood though this is not officially certain. Some of the industry-reflective lyrics of "Look Into My Eyes" include, "My pops tells me I look tired when he look into my eyes. Soon as the cameras come on I know how to look alive. My mom tell me I look stressed when she look into my eyes. So many people in my business I'm just trying to live my life."

The artist acknowledged Sledgren, who is the producer of "Look Into My Eyes" by saying, “I juss always listen to it n Sledge made the beat n I want you guys to have it."

When asked about the general vibe of the album, Wiz Khalifa shared with Rap Radar, "“Not really like, black people in Hollywood, but just like a black attitude. Not giving an ‘F’ about anything and just blacking out on the world, so, we’re bringing that to Hollywood.”

The famous rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has also expanded his entrepreneur interests by partnering with Converse where a whole shoe line is devoted to the rapper's style. The popular Chuck Taylor shoes will offer choices with styles (Lo-Top or Hi-Top) and colors. In his collection, the shoes can be purchased in red, gray, black, and a couple select shades of blue where all shoes will include the signature leather sole.