Winter Olympics- Are They Safe To Attend?


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It's time for the 2014 Winter Olympics and while athletes have already headed off the Sochi, where the Olympics will be held, many spectators are wondering if it's safe to attend the sporting events. The Olympics have always been an easy target for terrorist attacks and although Sochi officials have said that they are doing everything possible to keep the games safe, several terrorist threats have already been made, one in the form of a video.

In the video, two men who are believed to be responsible for the recent bombings in Volgograd, are shown making a bomb and calling it a gift that they plan to give to Sochi if the Olympics are held. These two men are believed to have been suicide bombers and are assumed dead. The bomb may be delivered by a group of women suicide bombers.

Russian officials are currently searching for a woman they call the "Black Widow." The woman's real name is Ruzanna Ibragimova and she is the widow of a man who was killed last year by security forces. Several other women who are also believed to be widows are also being considered as threats.

Officials have said that they have created a "ring of steel" around Sochi and believe the area is well protected. Some officials fear that one or more of the women may have already infiltrated the area before it was secure. Russia's president, Vladimir Putin has said that he believes it is safe to have the Olympics in Sochi and said that as the host city, it is Sochi's job to make sure that everyone participating in and visiting the games is safe.

The U.S. military has sent two warships to the area and have several transport aircrafts on call in case a terrorist attack is launched and Americans need to be rescued.

Do you think there will be a terrorist attack on the 2014 Olympics?

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