Winnipeg Mother Search Continues, 2 Kids Dead

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A Winnipeg mother has disappeared and her two young children are now dead after police responded to a call and found them severely injured on Wednesday.

Authorities are urging 32-year old Lisa Gibson to contact them if she is alive and in the area, as they believe she may be. Police have released few details about the case as an investigation is still ongoing, but there have been reports that the infant and toddler were found in the bathtub. They were reportedly alive in the home but later died at the hospital.

Gibson's home is near the Assiniboine River, so authorities have been searching near the area for any sign of the young mom. However, they are stressing that she is not necessarily a suspect.

"Ms. Gibson was the last person to our knowledge with the children so, obviously, once she's located and spoken with, where the investigation goes from there remains to be seen," Constable Eric Hofley said. "We don't know the circumstances fully of what's transpired here. Our concern right now is for the safety and well-being of Ms. Gibson."

Few details have been released, but authorities say Gibson is a pharmacist who has been on maternity leave. Her husband has not made a public statement yet, but the family has been notified of the tragic events. Anyone with information regarding Gibson's whereabouts are urged to contact Winnipeg police.

Image: Winnipeg Police

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