Windows 8.1 Update May Make Boot To Desktop The Default Option


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Windows 8 was a mess, but Windows 8.1 pretty much fixed all of the problems that people had with the radically different OS. One of those fixes was adding in an option that allowed users to boot to desktop therefore bypassing the tiled "metro" interface entirely. Now it appears that Microsoft may be making this option the default setting.

Wzor reports (as translated by The Verge) that the latest update to hit Windows 8.1 will make the OS boot to desktop by default. Unless it was changed by the user, Windows 8.1 would previously boot to the tiled Start menu interface by default. This latest change would be another instance of Microsoft backtracking in the face of consumer preference.

According to the report, many of the changes being included with the spring update to Windows 8.1 are in direct response to telemetry data and concerns from businesses upgrading Windows XP machines to Windows 8. First, the telemetry data told Microsoft that most Windows 8 users are still using a mouse and keyboard and desktop applications. This basically tells them that most desktop Windows 8 users aren't even using the Start menu or its apps.

As for businesses, many are scrambling to upgrade to Windows 8 from Windows XP when support for the decade old OS ends this April. In response to this, Microsoft may be adding features that make Windows 8.1 more familiar to those who were still using XP until a few months ago.

Before you start praising Windows 8, you should know that all of this has yet to be set in stone. Microsoft is still in the testing process as they see which features should make it into the spring update for Windows 8.1. Only a few features could make it in, or they could revamp everything. It's hard to say at this point, but we should start hearing more about the latest update to Windows 8.1 in the near future.

Image via Windows Blog