William Shatner To Do Shakespeare with Steve Carell and Christopher Lloyd?

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The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles (SCLA) will present its 24th Annual Simply Shakespeare benefit reading of “As You Like It,” September 22, 2014 at the Freud Playhouse, UCLA Campus.

The event is an evening of impromptu Shakespeare, and Trek fans should know that one of their favorite captains will be in attendance.

No, no that one. The other one.

While the idea of Patrick Stewart donning Shakespeare garb and strutting his stuff is old hat, it is William Shatner who will be “sawing the air thusly” at this event.

The event itself will be hosted by real-life celebrity couple Rita Wilson and Tim Hanks. But Shatner isn’t the only big name to join Hanks and Wilson.

"[T]he hilarious evening of impromptu Shakespeare and song will feature a star-studded cast including Paul Simon, Rita Wilson, William Shatner, Steve Carell, Martin Short, Colin Hanks, Gillian Jacobs, Christopher Lloyd, Glen Howerton, Kaitlin Olson, Bill Irwin and Sam Waterston. Additional participants will be announced.”

Imagine that. William Shatner on a stage with Christopher Lloyd, Steve Carell, Martin Short, and Sam Waterston, doing Shakespeare.

Tickets for the event area whopping $750 a pop, but the evening includes a pre-show cocktail reception, followed by a post performance reception with the cast. All proceeds from the event support the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles and its arts based veterans employment and youth employment programs for inner-city youth, arts education in local schools, and professional union contracted productions at the Japanese Garden on the grounds of the West Los Angeles Veterans Medical Center.

Th veterans employment program that benefits from the vent is part of SCLA’s “Veterans in Art” program. The program explores how the arts can assist veterans to recover and reintegrate into mainstream civilian life, particularly in Los Angeles’ artistic community.

For tickets and information, contact Lauran@LPAevents.com.

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