William Shatner Launches Hashtag Battle, Pushing Nimoy and Quinto to 1M Followers in Same Night

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William Shatner stays on top of things, tech-wise. He maintains an active Twitter presence. He has a Tumblr that he uses to review apps and other products.

For example, when Facebook released the Mentions app, Shatner downloaded it, used it, and reviewed it, complete with screenshots and detailed comments about improvements.

In general, the man is not finished with the world his Star Trek character helped to launch.

In the middle of the night last night, William Shatner brought his considerable social media muscle to bear on a project to benefit a couple of his Star Trek alum buddies, Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto.

At 9:38 PM EST, Shatner tweeted: “Leonard needs 400 more to break a million followers! Let's do it!@TheRealNimoy”

At 9:42 PM, Shanter posted a follow-up: “Congratulations! He's over a million!@TheRealNimoy”

That’s right. In less than four minutes, Shatner’s following took Leonard Nimoy’s up by at least 400 followers. In fact, as of this writing, Nimoy has 1,002,434 followers. That’s 2,000 more than when Shatner gave him the launch last night.

Shatner himself has 1.95 million followers. He is an active Twitter user, often live-tweeting TV episodes, actively engaging his followers many times a day.

Once he pushed Nimoy over the 1 million mark, he took on a more ambitious goal. At 9:54 PM, he tweeted: “So now the other Mr. Spock needs to get to 1 million.@ZacharyQuintoneeds about 5500 more followers to reach 1 million.”

At 10:23 PM, he posted a followup: “a little more love for@ZacharyQuintoto push both Spocks over a million in the same hour”

The numbers rose steadily, but Shatner persisted: “1066 - Battle of Hastings and number of followers to get@ZacharyQuintoto 1 million!”

Finally, the barrier was broken.

His work here was done. The Shat signed off for the day.

In the past, Shatner has helped other Trek alum, such as Michael Dorn, to get their Twitter accounts verified.

Mike Tuttle

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