Will Muschamp Won't Be Fired from Florida


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Of all of the college football coaches on the hot seat right now, it comes as a surprise that Will Muschamp will be sticking around the Florida Gators football program for at least another year. With a 4-7 record and a sure loss to Florida State coming up on Saturday, Muschamp has led the Gators to their worst record since 1979.

Muschamp is in his third season as head coach for the Florida Gators. According to Orlando Sentinel, this season won't be his last. An official with the Florida Gators said that athletic director Jeremy Foley will stand by Muschamp and has no plans to fire him.

Many fans thought Muschamp's days were numbered, though, after the Gators' embarrassing loss to Georgia Southern. That's right--we're not talking about Georgia, but Georgia Southern, a team part of the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision. Georgia Southern was a 6-4 team at the time and plays in the Southern Conference. This is the same team that lost to Wofford earlier this year (a name you'll probably only recognize if you're from the South Carolina area). So, yeah, Florida's loss to Georgia Southern wasn't just bad as in "Crap, we lost to Vanderbilt" bad, but downright embarrassing.

That said, and the horrible record and embarrassing loss to Georgia Southern aside, Muschamp had a good season last year. The Gators went 11-2, including a loss in the Sugar Bowl, so it's possible Muschamp could bounce back next year.

Even though Will Muschamp will be around for another season, some Gators fans are chomping at the bit to hire back Steve Spurrier, the current head coach for the South Carolina Gamecocks. Spurrier has completely turned around the South Carolina football program and has made the program more successful than ever. As such, it's understandable why Gators fans want to see their former National Championship winning coach and Heisman winner come back and right the ship before retirement.

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