Will Ferrell Presents Awards with Cute Kids

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Comedian Will Ferrell announced the big, final prizes Sunday at the 2013 Emmy Awards with his three sons in tow. And, yes, those were his actual kids. Ferrell and his clan (Magnus, 9; Mattias, 6; and Axel, 3) were dressed way down in T-shirts, shorts, blankies, and such. Their lack of polish attributed to the hilariousness of it all.


“Unfortunately, Helen Mirren and Maggie Smith dropped out at the last second and they called me literally 45 minutes ago and I couldn’t find child care, OK?” Ferrell told the audience. “We had a soccer game, there was a neighbor’s birthday party, a nut allergy, I didn’t have time to do my hair — it doesn’t matter, it’s great to be here.”

The "Anchorman" star, on Sunday, couldn't help to put a bit of pressure on his unseasoned kids.

“Don’t blow this for me,” he warned before presenting the final awards.

When so much is made of looking perfect on the Emmys red carpet, it was indeed awesome to see Ferrell looking like the rest of us. A pan of the audience caught Ferrell's old "Saturday Night Live" cohort Tina Fey laughing hard at the bit and wearing the knowing look of a mom who has been there.

Ferrell said to his oldest boy, "No, you cannot play Angry Birds right now." But he was quick to realize what any level-headed modern parent understands: iPad = distraction. "Fine, take turns, 30-second turns."

Ferrell and his boys presented "Modern Family" with the award for best comedy series, and the Ferrell clan stuck around to present the best drama series Emmy. His youngest son, Axel, was especially adorable, standing in front of a televised audience of millions clutching his blankey.

it's not the first time Ferrell has opted to bring the family to an awards show. In a memorable performance earlier this year, at the MTV Movie Awards, he introduced his "family", which consisted of a middle-aged Asian woman and three Asian children, while accepting the Comedic Genius honor.

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