WikiLeaks Founder Getting Into Television


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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange might be coming to a TV near you.

The WikiLeaks blog announced Monday that Assange will be hosting a “series of in-depth conversations with key political players, thinkers and revolutionaries from the around the world.” The theme will be “the world tomorrow.”

What spurred the creation of the new TV show are the current revolutions and upheavals across the Middle East. The recent attacks on the Internet and the Western collapse of leading political institutions will also feature heavily on the program.

For those unaware, WikiLeaks publishes leaked documents from private and public agencies around the world to give the public a look into what governments and corporations are hiding.

Assange, always the humble one, realizes that he is a pioneer for a more just world and a victim of political repression. He will use this to draw together controversial voices from across the political spectrum to offer their unique ideas for a better future:

“Through this series I will explore the possibilities for our future in conversations with those who are shaping it. Are we heading towards utopia, or dystopia and how we can set our paths? This is an exciting opportunity to discuss the vision of my guests in a new style of show that examines their philosophies and struggles in a deeper and clearer way than has been done before.”

The series will begin airing in mid-March, in ten weekly half-hour episodes. Initial licensing commitments cover over 600 million viewers across cable, satellite and terrestrial broadcast networks.

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