Wii U A Potential Risk To The Playstation 3 Says Sony


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With a target of 30 million in hardware sales in the next year, Sony came out and admitted that the release of Nintendo's new console could impact what they are trying to do with the PS3. At last weeks E3 while Nintendo was focusing on the WiiU and what games it had to offer, Sony was focusing on new IP's for its 6th year console. By doing this many people say that Sony won the show with fantastic showings of "The Last Of Us" and "Beyond: Two Souls."

"It becomes economically easier if you've got an installed base of 64 million," said Sony Europe boss Jim Ryan. "Making that financial commitment to this sort of thing is a lot easier than if you've got 6 million."

Nintendo saw a vast drop off in the amount of Wii's being sold in the last couple of years which led to the push for the WiiU to come out. Sony is in the 6th year of the development cycle for the PS3 which in turn makes it easier for them to introduce new IP's. "It's obviously a potential risk but we feel really good about our content," said Ryan. "Obviously, it comes down to content. There are people who buy gadgets for the sake of the gadget, but that's pretty niche. We feel good about our line-up that we showed at E3."

One of the things that Sony did not focus on is the recently released Playstation Vita, even though one of the bigger new announcements of their E3 press conference was the reveal of a Call of Duty title for the Vita. "The dating of Call of Duty isn't something I would call a little announcement," offered Ryan. "Yes, there's wasn't any demonstration of the game but having that franchise on the platform before Christmas is a huge bit of news."

Does Sony have to really be worried about what the WiiIU taking away it's thunder? Not if they can get "The Last Of Us" and "Beyond: Two Souls" out by Xmas and if they can somehow manage a price cut on the PS3 by Xmas then I dont think that the Wii U will make any discernable impact into what the PS3 has going for it in the next year.