Wichita State Basketball Improves To 34-0, Wins MVC


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It probably was not something that anyone had expected entering the 2013-2014 NCAA basketball season, but the Wichita State basketball team was able to keep their streak going, and finish the season without losing.

Due to the fact that the Wichita State Shockers play in a mid-major conference, they have not been given a No.1 ranking all season, despite being the only undefeated team, but have recently grabbed the No.2 spot. However, some would argue that they still deserve the ranking, and the No.1 seed in the NCAA tournament, which will be determined on Sunday.

Wichita State had clearly made the tournament heading into their championship game, but if they were to lose it would also allow Indian a State to enter the tournament with an at-large bid.

The Shockers did not let that happen, and won the game with a final score of 83-69. They did their best to show that they are just as good as anyone else in the league, if not the best.

The top spot in the college basketball currently belongs to Florida, who is also on quite a streak, and was able to go 18-0 in the SEC. After incredible seasons from both teams, the real question is, who gets the No.1 overall seed?

Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall is proud of his team, and recently said "We're not flawless. Our record is flawless. We've got great players. They've taken us on an unbelievable ride to this point."

Wichita State's basketball team continues to win, and won the Missouri Valley Conference, but fans around the country continue to criticize them, claiming that they are overrated and do not deserve all the hype.

Despite the criticism from fans of other teams, they continue to prove people wrong after their 34-game winning streak, but they do not have to play the stiff competition that teams in the Big 12 or ACC have to face, and may have a tough time when they enter the tournament.

The 2013-2014 season has seen the top ten rankings shake up from week to week, and teams such as Arizona and Syracuse have also been at the top, while they have both been struggling as of lately. It simply shows that once the tournament starts, anyone is capable of rising to the top, and becoming the champion.

Is Wichita State basketball for real? Will they have a chance at winning the championship? Tune in for the selection show on Sunday in order to see who they will be matched up with, and the tournament will start next week.

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