Why 'Mr. Show' Isn't On HBO GO, According To Bob And David (And Brian)

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HBO GO has a lot of great HBO shows that have appeared on the network from over the years, but there are certainly some notable titles left out. Perhaps the most notable of all is Mr. Show, the sketch comedy show that would go on to become a cult hit and showcase some of David Cross' and Bob Odenkirk's finest career moments (and that's saying a lot, given that these guys are on Arrested Development and Breaking Bad, respectively).

Bob, David and fellow comedian and cast member Brian Posehn took to reddit this morning to engage in an AMA (ask me anything) Q&A session with fans. When asked why HBO GO does not include Mr. Show, each of them gave their own answer:

(Bob here) HBO has a hate-hate relationship with the show.
(Brian here) They are not aware that we did the show.
(David, back) They hate having to google Mr. Show.

So there you have it. These may not be the official HBO-endorsed reasons, but their responses appear to give us a pretty good idea of how much HBO cares.

The actors/comedians have gone on to become much more well-known since Mr. Show was on the air, so you'd think HBO would want to take advantage of that, but for now, fans will have to consume one of the best-ever sketch comedy shows of all time by other means.

The three are touring this month, with dates in New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Portland, and then in LA next month.

Check out the AMA, because they obviously talk about a lot more than just Mr. Show and HBO GO.

Image: Mr. Show/HBO (via YouTube)

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