White Supremacist Town Needing Support


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A small town in North Dakota, population 24, is fighting a battle against a man that moved into their tiny community and is wanting to take over and make it a white supremacist community.

61-year-old, Craig Cobb, purchased property in Leith, a town located in Grant County. He is a self-declared white supremacist and recently made known his plans to take control of the town and local government.

"We need people from across the state to come alongside of us and show support that they don’t believe in what this guy is doing," Lee Cook, a Leith City Council member told The Bismarck Tribune. "There are a lot of people who could speak up. It’s not tricky. Silence, to me, means that whatever he’s doing is OK."

The community has started a legal defense fund to help with any legal costs that they may endure while trying to stop Cobb from taking over their town.

Jeremy Kelly of Bismarck said he and the other organizers are hoping to have people from all over the state come join them for a peaceful show of solidarity for Leith. A bus was scheduled to leave at 1:30 p.m. at the Stamart Truck Stop off Interstate 94, Exit 161.

"We cannot accept this racist hatred they are bringing here. Leith is in a crisis and is crying out for help," Jeremy Kelly, a resident of Bismarck told The Tribune.

Cobb believes that he is superior because he is white and he doesn't trust people of other races or women.

"I only need 17 people," he said. "You have to have a majority to win an election. If we get 22 we've got a landslide." He continued saying: "If I'm the only one in Leith forever, white consciousness has already been raised."

You can make a donation to the City of Leith Legal Defense Fund, Grant County State Bank, 202 N. Main St., Carson, N.D. 58529.

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