Turkey Pardon: White House Turkey Duel Shocks the Internet


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In a move that might have caused more complaints than the ObamaCare website, the White House announced a competition between two turkeys for the title of National Thanksgiving Turkey. This doesn't sound bad until you remember that the National Thanksgiving Turkey receives a presidential pardon. In other words, it appears that the losing turkey will end up on the president's table.

A White House Hunger Games, as some people are calling it, sounds a little creepy, right? People have flooded Facebook and Twitter with posts slamming the White House for letting people vote on which turkey dies, but things aren't quite what they seem.

It's true that the White House has set up a little competition on their website, just like last year. They have two turkeys going for the title, one named Caramel and one named Popcorn. Each turkey has been given a biography, including date of birth and favorite song. Caramel loves some Beyonce while Popcorn likes Lady Gaga. People who care enough go to the website and vote by clicking a button to share their favorite turkey on Facebook or Twitter.

That's cute and all, but the White House goofed up early on--they forgot to tell people on the website that the losing turkey wouldn't die. The White House goofing up on a website? Talk about déjà vu. That has been corrected now, so everyone who was furious over the Thanksgiving Hunger Games can rest easy. The White House website now includes the following not-so-fine print:

On Wednesday, November 27th, President Obama will announce the National Thanksgiving Turkey. Both turkeys will be pardoned, but only the American people will decide which bird takes the title. Learn about each bird, listen to their gobble and then make your selection.

Even though the White House has updated their website, a lot of people still think the losing turkey is going to die and are still venting on Twitter. One can only imagine what this scandal will do to President Obama's approval rating.

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