Westboro Baptist Church Protests Outside of Four Churches in California


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The religious-crazed circus is at again with all their obnoxious antics and political beliefs.

Westboro Baptist Church was scheduled to protest at four churches in Glendale, Calif. on Sunday morning.

According to their website, the protests were to take place at Holy Family Catholic Community, Salem Lutheran Church and School,  St. Matthews Church, Glendale Presbyterian Church, and First United Methodist Church of Glendale.

More than anything, the church is very well known for their rude protests at military funerals. However, they also object to gay marriages, "fake Christians" and basically anything they consider to be a form of sin (fornication, divorce, adultery, etc.).

Since 1991, the group has conducted 51,934 protests, spewing its radical beliefs all across the country.

So, their most recent presence in Glendale was no different than any other attention-seeking demonstration they have conducted.

Hundreds of counter-protestors came out as well to defend their own beliefs.

In a report by Glendale News-Press, Pastor Kurt Christenson of Salem Lutheran responded to the protest with the theory that WBC is just built on pure anger instead of love.

“We know that the folks in Westboro are angry, and that comes out in hate…I think they’re angry at the way America seems to be going,” he said. “It’s not like it used to be…They’ve decided they don’t want to engage in conversation. They just want to yell and scream and protest. There is an opportunity to say at the end of the day that love is stronger than hate.”

However, at St. Matthews Church, Pastor Keith Banwart Jr associates the organization to a cult that enjoys harassing the LGBT community. His stance in the whole event was to support those who convey love, no matter what their sexual orientation may be.

“These people want to show that God’s love is bigger than the hate that may be displayed here this morning,” Pastor Banwart said.

Even throughout the demonstrations, church members were seen standing up for their church before removing themselves from the scene to attend service.

WBC was also scheduled to protest outside of the Golden Globe Awards Sunday afternoon.

It appears that their next upcoming stop includes picketing outside the home of Theresa Caputo, TV personality on TLC’s “Long Island Medium,” January 19.

Others also involve A&E’s Duck Dynasty in New York, George Strait at Sprint Center in Missouri, and Super Bowl XLVIII in New Jersey.

It’s like a never-ending story that won’t go away!

What are your thoughts?

Raw footage of the protest on Sunday:

A documentary about WBC:

Image via Wikimedia Commons