Weight Loss: How To Get Through The Holidays


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Losing weight can be difficult any time of year, but especially during the holidays. If you have been trying to get in shape and are nervous about how you will do at big family dinners and holiday parties, don’t stress. Here are a few tips to help you with your weight loss goals and get you through the holidays.

Start With The Healthy Foods
If you are eating at a buffet or potluck dinner during the holidays, you will likely have a variety of food items to choose from. To stick to your diet and avoid overeating and indulging in bad foods, start with the healthy foods on the table. Look for anything green and if available, always start with a salad. Soups with clear broths are also usually low in calories. It’s okay to eat a little of the unhealthy things you like, just don’t over do it. Eating the healthy things first will keep you from eating too much of the bad ones.

Bring A Healthy Dish
You will probably be doing a lot of cooking and baking around the holidays and most people like to bring a covered dish to family celebrations and meals. If you are planning on bringing a food item anyway, why not make it a healthy one?

Have A Snack
Since most people are busy around the holidays, it’s not uncommon for many people to go more than a couple of hours without eating or to skip meals. If you are starving when dinner time comes around, you are much more likely to overeat. Have a snack a couple of hours before dinner time and you won’t be so likely to pig out on all of those rich holiday foods.

Don't stress out over the upcoming holidays and don't let them ruin your diet and weight loss progress. Make smart choices and you will make it through the holidays without putting on any unwanted pounds.