WebMediaBrands Launches PageData Pro & PageData Enterprise


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Today, WebMediaBrands and their Inside Network research group launch of PageData Pro & PageData Enterprise, their new subscription service for tracking growth metrics for Facebook Pages. They are the latest installments to their suite of data and research products focused on Facebook and Mobile App Ecosystems.

PageData Pro customers have access to the following daily metrics for millions of Facebook Pages:

* The number of Likes a given Facebook Page has, dating back as early as 2009.

* The number of People Talking About This, dating back to late 2011 when Facebook first introduced this engagement metric.

PageData tracks engagement data on a per-post basis for a select group of Facebook Pages, allowing marketers to see the Likes, Comments, and Shares for each piece of content that a given Page posts. This allows users to see which content receives the most engagement, and which content has the most viral reach.

Brendan Irvine-Broque, Product Manager of Inside Network comments on PageData Pro:

“Similar to how AppData tracks active users for Facebook Apps, PageData tracks Likes and People Talking About This for Facebook Pages, and is the first service to offer a historical view of Facebook Page growth and engagement across millions of Pages,”

“PageData Pro enables marketers to benchmark their historical performance against competitors and make smart decisions informed by accurate data. For analysts tracking the performance of brands and companies, PageData Pro provides actionable insights into these companies’ efforts to engage and reach Facebook users.”