Watching HBO with Your Parents Is Just Too Awkward

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HBO has just launched a new ad campaign for their on-demand streaming platform, HBO GO, and it's great.

The main takeaway: Hey millennials–you really don't want to watch HBO programming with your parents, right? Of course not, that's why there's HBO GO.

There are seven new ads, all of which show exactly why private, on-demand HBO watching is truly necessary.

In one, a father takes an awkward sex scene from Girls to tell his daughter that she has a choice, and it's her body. In another, a father decides to share a little too much information about his past exploits with his son, prompted by a True Detective scene. In another ad, a mother sits down on the couch to "enjoy" a very awkward moment with her son.

Minor NSFW and spoiler content in some of these, just FYI.

Image via HBO, YouTube

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