[WATCH] Super Bowl 2010 Commercials

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Super Bowl XLIV had numerous memorable moments: the onside kick, the missed field goal, the Garçon drop, and the truly horrendous half-time show to name a few. But, for many viewers Super Bowl commercials leave the same lasting impact as the game itself, as they should with a price tag of $3.01 million per 30 seconds.

This year we saw a plethora of the same companies advertising: Budwesier, Bud Light, Coke, Go Daddy, Doritos, Monster.com, Snickers… etc. Last night we wrote about a newcomer to the Super Bowl advertising scene, Google. One company that normally would’ve been in that list, Pepsi, decided to forgo a Super Bowl commercial this year and focus their advertising budget on Social Media.

In case you missed any of the commercials, you can view them below. Be sure to leave a comment telling us which one was your favorite. (Please note: I've omitted movie trailers and TV show commercials)

Monster.com Fiddling Beaver Ad

CareerBuilder "Casual Friday" Ad

Google: Parisian Love Ad

Focus on the Family "Tim Tebow" Ad

Late Show Ad (featuring Letterman, Oprah and Leno)

McDonalds "Horse" Ad (featuring Lebron James & Dwight Howard)

FLO TV: My Generation Ad

VIZIO Ad (featuring Beyonce)

Emerald Nuts "Awesomer" Ad

Motorola Ad (featuring Megan Fox)

GoDaddy Ad (featuring Danica Patrick)

GoDaddy "News" Ad

Boost Mobile Ad

Cars.com Timothy Richman Ad

VW "PunchDub" Ad

Intel "Lunch Room" Ad

Coca-Cola Simpsons Ad

Coke "Sleepwalker" Ad

Skechers Shape-ups Ad

Doritos "House Rules" Ad

Doritos "Casket" Ad

Doritos "Anti-Bark Collar"

Doritos "Tim's Locker" Ad

Michelob Ultra "Little Bumps" Ad

Snickers "Betty White" Ad

Hyundai Sonata Ad

Hyundai Sonata "Brett Favre" Ad

Budweiser "Clydesdale Fence" Ad

Budweiser "Human Bridge" Ad

Budweiser "Select 55 Ice Bottle" Ad

Bud Light "Asteroid" Ad

Bud Light "House" Ad

Bud Light "Lost Parody" Ad

Denny's "Chicken Birthday" Ad

Denny's "Chicken Warning" Ad

Homeaway (featuring the Griswalds)

Dr. Pepper Cherry "Little Kiss" Ad

So which Super Bowl commercial was your favorite? Let us know.