Watch People Fawn Over an Apple Smartwatch That's Actually a $20 Casio with an Apple Sticker Slapped on It

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Despite never mentioning or really even offhandedly referring to a 'smartwatch' in public discourse, Apple is totally coming out with a smartwatch, right? Right. It's the iWatch and it's going to launch this fall, before the mad dash of holiday shopping hits. Duh. Everyone else is.

But that's all in the future – Apple has yet to unveil its version of a smartwatch. Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, that doesn't matter. He slapped an Apple logo on the back of a $20 Casio watch and hit the streets, gauging people's reactions to the "new Apple iTime!" It's great fun. Really and truly.

I just like that it has an Apple insignia on the back...

I mean, if it's Apple it's good, right?

Really because it's Apple. Apple is a brand name I love, and I have computer, and I have the phone, and I have the iPad – so, because it's Apple, that would be what would impress me. I would pretty much buy anything from Apple.

That's it right there. Can you think of a modern company that has or has ever had the brand power that Apple does? I can't. People are going to buy the f*ck out of Apple's forthcoming smartwatch, even though nobody really wants a smartwatch. Damn you Steve Jobs.

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Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live, YouTube

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