'Watch Dogs' Mobile Multiplayer Previewed


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Despite a exclusive PlayStation 4 and Xbox One offerings from Sony and Microsoft, the cross-gen third-party game Watch Dogs is one of the most-hyped launch titles for upcoming next-gen consoles. The game will combine Grand Theft Auto-style open-city gameplay with a near-future cyberpunk twist.

Publisher Ubisoft has already previewed just about every aspect of Watch Dogs. The "hacking" mechanic that gives the game its uniqueness seems solid, and the Dark Souls-style invasions seem to be a good way to inject some multiplayer interaction without resorting to arena battles. The 14-minute gameplay video released earlier this week demonstrates all of this at length.

Today, Ubisoft previewed one feature of Watch Dogs that, if this year's E3 was any indication, will be making its way into nearly all next-gen games. A Watch Dogs mobile app will be able to interact with players at home on their consoles. The "ctOS" mobile app allows players to challenge others to a mini-game within their Watch Dogs game world.

Console or PC players who are challenged by mobile players can accept and are then tasked with going to four checkpoint in their in-game Chicago before a time limit runs out. As they make their way to checkpoints, the player on the mobile device will be provided of a simplified overhead view of the city. From there hackable things such as bridges, vehicles, and road blocks can be used to hinder the racing player.

Obviously, this entire scenario is likely to work better on larger mobile devices, such as tablets. According to Ubisoft, the app will also have "progression skills," encouraging players to continue using the app to gain new abilities.