Watch A Lizard Play, Totally Own 'Ant Crusher'

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The most useful appliances and electronics are those that can consolidate multiple uses. Take XBox, where you can watch Netflix and play video games. Toaster ovens can cook your dinner or heat up yesterday's leftovers. Some responsibilities, though, may seem impossible to combine but this is a funny world and 'tis the season of miracles.

Take YouTube user ThatSpecialGuy. He (presumably) likes to play video games but he also has a pet Bearded Dragon Lizard that he must attend to, as well. Normally, these two responsibilities might not overlap if not outright conflict with each other, but take a look at what wonder the marriage of technology and nature has produced:

Indeed, you just watched a Bearded Dragon Lizard play a pretty deft game of Ant Crusher on an HTC smartphone (judging by the looks of it in the video). It's really hard to grasp how someone finds out that their lizard will play video games on a touchscreen phone, but I'm glad they did. It's also a pretty fascinating testimonial of what kind of force must be behind the projection of the lizard's tongue. I can't get my smartphone to do respond at all when I've tried to press buttons with my knuckles or elbows (don't ask) so that lizard must be punching that screen with some serious power.

Personally, I've never played Ant Crusher so I have no idea how difficult this game really is but now that I've seen a reptile do a knock-out job of playing it I'm a little hesitant to find out if I can do any better? What would that mean if I didn't reach the watermark that the Lizard has set with that awesome score? These are questions I don't really want to ask myself.