Warren Moon Scammed For $200,000


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During his 16-year career as a quarterback in the NFL, Warren Moon was considered Mr. Elusive for his impressive out-of-the-pocket-play and his ability to make defenders miss tackles and look foolish, but for some reason he wasn't able to elude a scammer from robbing him of $200,000.

Here's how the whole caper went down: Moon was interested in four tickets to Miami Heat home games, which would get him four seats right on the floor. Somehow, the tickets were attached to an offer to own a five percent minority stake in the Heat, which really should have raised Moon's suspicions right there.

But for some reason it didn't, so the hall of famer had his agent wire $200,000 to a guy named George French Jones, but nothing was ever recived, not by Moon or his agent. And of course this set off all kinds of alarms.

Eventually, Moon found out that Jones had no official ties to the Heat whatsoever, and the whole thing was a great big scam, and afterwards, the NBA and the Heat got word of what was going on, and contacted the FBI. Later it was determined that Jones was part of an ongoing con, involving a team of criminals based in Los Angeles.

Reportedly, the scammers also tried to con NFL players Charles Woodson of the Oakland Raiders and Jarvis Green of the New England Patriots, but apparently, the two football players were never fooled ,and never sent any money to either French or any of his partners.

For now, Moon is choosing to keep silent about the scam, which is probably for legal reasons, but his company Sports 1 Marketing is suing Jones. And based on all of the facts released so far, it shouldn't be too hard to prove that Jones never had any connection to the Miami Heat or the NBA.

Hopefully, Moon will be a little more vigilant when it comes to his fiances and new business deals in the future, and hopefully he chooses to properly vet anyone who's offering him some sort of business deal.

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