Want Extended Support For Flash Player? Update To Version 11.7


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Not everybody can update to the latest and greatest versions of software all the time. That's especially true for those in work settings when it comes to software like Flash or Java. In the case of the former, the extended support release was set to version 10.3, but users will have to upgrade soon.

Adobe announced this month that all Flash users must upgrade to version 11.7 if they wish to continue receiving extended support. You have until July 9 to upgrade.

Here's why Adobe figures you'll want to upgrade to the latest version of Flash:

Flash Player 11.7 provides exciting new features, including Actionscript concurrency, webcam support for StageVideo and more. It also enables Protected Mode for FireFox on Windows, a sophisticated security-in-depth feature. With Protected Mode, Flash Player runs as restricted process, making it more difficult for attackers to build working exploits. Flash Player 11.7 leverages hardware acceleration for audio, video and rendering to increase performance and lower CPU usage.

It's important that you update to the latest version of Flash Player. Without it, your organization will miss out on the frequent security updates that Adobe pushes to patch security holes in its software. Flash, alongside Java, are some of the easiest Web plugins to exploit.

To grab the latest version of Flash, hit up the official Adobe support site. From there, you can also grab a variety of tools, including debuggers.