Walmart: Twinkies Go On Sale 3 Days Early

Amanda CrumLife

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Walmart is "rolling out" Twinkies in several stores across the nation today, and expect to have over 3,000 stores selling the yellow snack cakes by Sunday ahead of the nationwide push made by Metropoulos & Co., the company that bought the rights to several Hostess brand snacks when they went bankrupt last year.

Walmart expects to begin selling more Hostess products by Sunday, but some--like Zingers and Ho Hos--will have to wait until fall. The cakes are brand new--not frozen from an old batch--and will be packaged in a box reading, “The sweetest comeback in the history of ever.” But fans of the little spongy snack needn't worry; the company owners say they didn't make any changes to the taste.

“America wanted Hostess back — they wanted the original,” said Daren Metropoulos.

Amanda Crum
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