WalMart Shooting, Suspect Identified in Shooting of Wisconsin Woman


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A shooting occurred at a busy retail store in Wisconsin. The suspect is in custody and a victim is in critical condition.

Justin Boyd, a 46-year-old, female cashier, reportedly walked into a Walmart, located in Neenah, and shot another female employee in the torso. The incident occurred at approximately 11 a.m. The victim was then rushed to Theda Clark Medical Center, according to a report.

“The shooting took place inside the liquor department there,” according to a report by a local television station. “No other customers were in the liquor section when the gun was fired.”

Neenah Police say they know the motive behind the shooting. They are not releasing any details as of yet.

“At this point in time, it is too early to tell,” police Lieutenant John Carter said. “It appears we have a good handle on what took place.”

Kevin Wilkinson, the Neenah Chief of Police, says the he, along with officers and local residents are still awaiting news about the victim’s condition. She endured surgery shortly after being wounded.

“We’re still very concerned for the victim,” Wilkinson said. “We’re obviously all hoping and praying for the best for her.”

Walmart spokeswoman, Diane Gee says the company is keeping tabs on the family and victim. She says Walmart hopes for the best.

“We are in close contact with [the victim’s] family at the hospital and trying to be as helpful as possible during this difficult time," Gee said to local TV station in a statement. "Our commitment right now is to work with law enforcement [to] provide them any information we have that might be useful for their investigation.”

Local resident Marion Wiese says she has shopped at the local store for years. She says she is greatly saddened by what has occurred.
“People should not be endangered when they go into a lovely store like this one,” she said.

Police say they have charged Boyd with first-degree, attempted murder intentional homicide. She is in custody at the Winnebago County Jail.