'Walking Dead': Will the Governor Do It? [SPOILER]


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If you're not caught up on The Walking Dead yet, you might want to bookmark this page for later. Seriously. Spoilers (as the title indicates) are about to happen.

Now that the obligatory warning is out of the way, how about last night's episode of The Walking Dead? This episode, like the one from the previous week, focused on the Governor. Last week we saw the Governor go from near death to what seemed to be redemption as he helped another family out and decided to stick with them. Those who figured that the good boy side of the Governor wouldn't last wrong were quickly proven right last night.

Just about everyone who did a fist pump when we saw the Governor eyeing Rick Grimes' prison camp a couple weeks ago is probably regretting that now. At least a little. In last night's episode of The Walking Dead, we saw the Governor go from "family guy Brian" back to his ruthless Governor we all know and love (or hate). With this came murder, of course. And from the end of last night's episode, it looks like Michonne's number just might be up.

After the Governor killed off two of the new group's leaders, Martinez and Pete, he works to make the camp safer and gets it running more smoothly. Then, we see the Governor outside of Rick's prison while Rick and Carl are working in the garden. Just before the episode ends, the Governor spots Michonne and aims his gun at her. We didn't see whether he pulled the trigger--that will have to wait until Sunday--but things aren't looking good for our zombie slayer.

Here's a clip of what we can expect next week's episode to hold:

From the mid-season finale promo, which will air on December 1, it looks like we are finally getting the fight between the Governor and Rick that we wanted at the end of the third season. Obviously some folks will die, but who?

So, do fans of The Walking Dead think the Governor will kill Michonne next week? Add your comments below. Judging from some of the Twitter comments, it's likely that people will riot--and by "riot," we mean "start an online petition"--if Michonne is killed off.

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