Volcano Eruption In Japan Is 500th This Year

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A volcano eruption in Japan has forced residents to wear masks and rain gear to protect themselves from a rain of ash that spewed 3 miles into the sky.

Mount Sakurajima gave forth its 500th eruption for the year on Sunday in the city of Kagoshima and forced railway service to a halt as ash and rocks were removed from the tracks. Today residents are cleaning up in the aftermath of the largest eruption since 2006. No injuries have been reported.

"The smoke was a bit dramatic, but we are kind of used to it," said a city official.

Japan sits in the so-called "Ring of Fire", along with Indonesia; the area is a hotbed of seismic activity. Indonesia's Mount Rokatenda just erupted earlier this month during the night, killing six people in a tiny beach village. In June, an Alaskan volcano erupted and disrupted flights with a cloud of ash, and in July Mount Popocatepetl erupted in Mexico.

Amanda Crum

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