Vine Breakup: Violent Spat Caught On Camera

Amanda CrumLife

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Gone are the days when a breakup was between two people. Now, in the era of smartphones and cameras on every street corner, we've got Big Brother watching at all times. Some people forget that fact, however, and their behavior comes back to haunt them in a very public way.

Such was the case for one anonymous girl who broke up with her boyfriend--allegedly because he "liked" another girl's photo on Instagram--by smacking him upside the head before taking off in a huff. What she didn't know was that he was filming the whole thing and uploaded it to Vine shortly after, where it went viral.

"Long story short, this was like a 3 month relationship and as you can see I didn't take any of the her bs too serious... problems this early on? no thanks I was out! haha," the uploader wrote on Reddit.

The couple aren't the only ones to find themselves internet stars recently after a bad breakup; a man named James uploaded a video of his 30-year old wife throwing a tantrum inside his truck after he told her he didn't have time to take her to the lake. She didn't know she was being filmed, and the incident led to their divorce and a restraining order, allegedly.

Amanda Crum
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