Video of Homeless Veteran Receiving Amazing Transformation


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None of us like to think about our soldiers who go off to war, fight for our freedom by going out on the battlefield putting their lives in danger, come home and find no help from the country in which he or she fought for.

This happens more than anyone cares to acknowledge. Not only do many of them experience severe posttraumatic stress syndrome (PTS), but also they have difficulty re-entering our society. On top of that, many are thrown to the wolves, so to speak.

And although the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has made an effort, and is now committed to ending this disgrace by 2015, it shouldn’t have happened at all.

The VA has and is enlisting organizations as well as people who care, in community settings to lend a hand. Not only in spreading the message of this incredible need, but to help in the effort to end veteran homelessness.

But this story covers a specific homeless vet, U.S. Army veteran Jim Wolfe. One who has had been homeless for decades. He’s poor, an alcoholic and has nothing but grief since he came home from serving his country and has lived on the streets in all weather.

Today is a good day for 54-year-old Wolf, though. Degage Ministries was developed just for people like Wolf – homeless veterans – in an effort to get them help, housing and basically clean them up to help them reclaim self-confidence and get off the streets.


As ABC News tells it, “The makeover, which included a haircut, beard trim, dye job and a designer suit, was meant to inspire Wolf, from the outside in.”

Wolf now attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, has come off the streets into suitable housing and is on his way to a better life.

This complete makeover came about by the kindness of Rob Bliss, a Michigan filmmaker who said about this act of compassion, "For me, personally, I've been trying to get more into doing things for a better purpose."

Enjoy the video, it is heartwarming, deserving and in perfect time for Veterans Day!

Images via YouTube