Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge Let Loose At Reunion


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Tamra Judge made a lot of enemies on the most recent season of Real Housewives Of Orange County, and although several of the other housewives said that they were willing to forgive her for her behavior on the show, they all still battled it out on the reunion show on Monday.

The other housewives accused Tamra of talking behind everyone's backs, manipulating them and instigating fights and arguments between all of the women. Tamra denied that she was doing anything wrong and said that she was being ganged up on and bullied by the other cast members.

One of Tamra's biggest feuds was with Vicki Gunvalson. Vicki accused Tamra of talking badly about her boyfriend Brooks and during the show she went off on Tamra saying,

"I could give a rat's ass if you like [Brooks]. Just shut your mouth."

The two women then began to scream at each other and got into a heated argument about various situations and occurrences.

Tamra accused Vicki of being mean to her during the show and when the camera was turned off and Vicki accused Tamra of being a miserable person who was determined to make others miserable too.

"You are not happy because you cannot

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happiness among anyone else," said Gunvalson. "If you're so happy, why are you so miserable?"

"I'm not miserable," Judge protested.

"Ladies," Gunvalson asked the wives, "Does she look a little bit miserable?"

"You're supposed to get better and better and better, but you get bitter and bitter and bitter. You cause your demise by being mean," Gunvalson added.

Gunvalson also accused Judge of being unhappy with her marriage and said,

"If you are so happily married, why are you so angry and ugly to the people that care about you?" she said. "I hope you don't ruin that."

Judge didn't have an answer for Gunvalson and the host of the show stopped the argument before it could get any worse.

Both women have stated that their friendship is over and that they do not care to see or hear from the other one.