Veronica Mars Spin-off: Veronica Mars Goes Digital


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With all of the success that the show had after the kickstarter campaign that launched the film, a new project has been launched with the Veronica Mars spin-off series.

The upcoming Veronica Mars film has even been bringing in new fans, and old fans are all waiting in anticipation for the big release.

After the film finally debuted its trailer recently, fans were going crazy as they look forward to seeing their favorite character hit the big screen.

The new Veronica Mars spin-off will take place on the CW Seed, the network's digital programming site. No plot details have been revealed for the online series yet, but it will be related to the world of Veronica Mars in some way.

The upcoming digital series is likely to consist of six-eight 10-minute episodes, and it is expected to feature characters from the original series, with Kristen Bell’s Veronica likely to make occasional appearances.

During the 2014 TCA Press Tour, Mark Pedowitz, the president of the CW network, told members of the press that "Rob [Thomas] and I spoke last night, he's very excited he's doing it for CW seed. It may not appear before the movie comes out. He's very busy, but we're very excited. I don't have a lot of details yet."

The Veronica Mars series, and upcoming film, stars Kristen Bell in the titular role. She plays the female protagonist, a student who progresses from high school to college while operating as a private investigator.

Following the cancellation of the Veronica Mars television series, there was a film written to continue the story, but it was never able to get funded until the recent kickstarter campaign.

In the film, fans will see Veronica Mars return for her 10-year high school reunion, although she is now a lawyer in New York. However, she starts to get back to her old investigating ways when her ex is accused of murder.

In addition to the new Veronica Mars spin-off, fans of the original series will have all sorts of ways to enjoy their favorite private investigator with Rob Thomas also working on a book series that will continue her story. The show ran for three seasons before being cancelled in 2007.

A release date for the show is unknown, but the new Veronica Mars film will be released on March 14.

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