Veronica Mars Movie Trailer Is Out Now [Video]


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Everyone is excited for the upcoming Veronica Mars film right? After ending seven years ago following a 3-season-run, Veronica Mars will return with a film that is sure to please all of its die hard fans.

The show premiered in September of 2004, and aired on the UPN network for its final two years, picking up on the CW for its final season.

Following the cancellation of the Veronica Mars, there was a film written to continue the story, but it was never able to get funded.

Although she has become a big hit movie star now, and has starred in multiple comedies, Kristen Bell got her start as the title character in Veronica Mars.

The show stars Bell as the female protagonist, a student who progresses from high school to college while operating as a private investigator.

She most recently starred in Disney's Frozen, which took the top spot at the box office in the week after its release.

Rob Thomas originally wrote the series as a young adult novel, featuring a male protagonist, but chose to feature it as a female role in order to be more original. To the delight of many fans, along with Kristen Bell, Thomas launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to finally be able to release the film to the public.

While the two of them initially set their goal at $2 million, the fans were overwhelmed with the news, and raised $5.7 million for the project with a total of 91,585 backers.

Veronica Mars originally took place in the fictional town of Neptune. In the film, fans will see Veronica Mars return for her 10-year high school reunion, although she is now a lawyer in New York. However, she starts to get back to her old investigating ways when her ex is accused of murder.

The majority of the beloved cast from the original show will be returning for the film, as well as some new faces that audiences are likely to recognize. Jamie Lee Curtis and Justin Long can both be seen in the preview, and it also looks as if Kristen Bell's real-life husband will be making an appearance. She has been married to Dax Shepard since October of 2013, and they have a daughter together.

For those that did not watch the original series, the Veronica Mars film should still be entertaining and will have its own stand-alone plot. The film will hit theaters on March 14th.

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