Verizon Makes the RAZR More Attractive


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New Verizon customers will get a $100 price break on the current Droid RAZR by Motorola when they sign a two-year contract. The model features an 8 megapixel camera with 1080p HD, an HD video camera, 16GB built-in memory, 4G hotspot capability, and your choice of white or purple.

What will be missing from the RAZR at this new price of $199.99 will be the previously included 32 GB memory card. The phone will still feature support for the card, but consumers will have to buy the card separately.

This drop will make the upgrade to a smart phone more accessible to some customers and we're sure that for the $100 price break, most of us can either live without the extra memory or can manage to find an SD card with the extra cash we save.

For those who can wait, The new Droid RAZR Maxx is on the way. Slated to be released on January 26th, the device will feature over 20 hours of talk time and 32GB of built-in memory storage.

[Source: Verizon Wireless]