Vanessa Hudgens Goes Back To Black With Sexy New Haircut


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Vanessa Hudgens is a red-head no more!

The 25-year-old actress has returned to her (hair) roots.

Hudgens had previous dyed her hair in an ombre fashion, starting dark at her roots and then fading to a bright red at the tips.

Vanessa opted to say bye-bye to the bold colors and hello to her old dark-brown hair color.

But Vanessa Hudgens had no intention of being boring about it.

The Spring Breakers starlet is currently sporting a sexy shag haircut with bold bangs.

It's a very flattering look, and you can tell that Vanessa is satisfied with the hairstyle.

She even posted an image of her new haircut on her Instagram account with the caption, "To bang or not to bang. That is the question."

Anyone who adores Vanessa Hudgens' new look owes a big round of applause to hairstylist Riawna Capri of West Hollywood's Nine Zero One Salon.

Hudgens was good enough to give a shout out to Capri and the salon for her new hairstyle, who may see a new wave of clients thanks to the publicity.

Vanessa Hudgens dramatic makeover is a definite example of a hair DO rather than a hair DON'T; not all actresses have gotten haircuts for the better.

Perhaps the most infamous example of a haircut gone wrong was that of actress Keri Russell, who was the star of popular WB drama, Felicity.

Russell sheered off her famous curls, and it not only ruined the show, but it brought her acting career to a halt.

Luckily Vanessa Hudgens' fame isn't tied to her hair since she loves to play with various daring styles.

This time, it seems that Vanessa ended up with a great one.

We'll next see Vanessa Hudgens in the comedy/horror film Kitchen Sink, which is scheduled to hit theaters in 2015.

There's also rumors that a Spring Breakers sequel is in the works, but it's not known if Vanessa Hudgens is attached.