Valve's SteamOS Gets The NMA Treatment


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Yesterday afternoon, Valve announced SteamOS. It's an open and free Linux-based operating system built specifically to play PC games. Valve reportedly has the support of many major industry players, and will be rolling it out this year.

Before that, though, you must be wondering what everybody's favorite Taiwanese animators think about Valve's move into the standardized gaming market. Well, wonder no more as below you'll find a video featuring the death of Mario, a naked Gabe Newell and a stack of Ouya consoles being burned. In short, it's entirely too prophetic

Like always, NMA's animations may be in jest, but they do bring up a good point. Is Valve going to take over living room gaming with SteamOS? It's hard to say at this point, but standardized PC hardware that can be upgraded at a faster pace than consoles, but at a lesser cost would do wonders for the PC market. Linux also has the potential to benefit greatly as it may finally have the vehicle it needs to encourage broad consumer adoption.

Finally, what about microconsoles? SteamOS will most likely run on miniPCs that can better compete with the Ouyas and GameSticks of the world. Who wants to play mobile games on their TV when they can play the latest indie and AAA PC titles on their TV instead?

[Image: NMAWorldEdition]