uTorrent Moves to Mobile Devices, Gaming Consoles


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For those of who enjoy the ease of bit torrents, you probably use the uTorrent client to help with the management of these files. Soon, you'll have the ability to do so from your iPhone, your Android device, and your next-gen gaming console. You can have that ability now if you'd like to download the alpha version. As for uTorrent, when in doubt about the future of the technology you support, go big.

Expand your horizons so even more people use your product.

Clearly, that's the thinking of the uTorrent developers and their multiple device support announcement. As indicated by TorrentFreak, the version of uTorrent that supports the multiple device platform is only in the alpha stage, but considering the efficiency with which uTorrent updates its client, don't expect this feature to remain in the testing stages for long. According to the TorrentFreak report, the new version of uTorrent will allow bit torrent users to synch their downloads to the various devices they are using.

This is an obvious use of multiple device support, and with via the updated uTorrent (version 3.1 -- link goes to the 3.1 exe file), users will be able to drop and drag their downloads to whatever supported devices they choose. Apparently, file conversion for the various devices was included in the update, but TorrentFreak learned that's an option that will be available for premium uTorrent members.

Yes, uTorrent is launching a premium service, too, called uTorrent Plus:

In addition, the latest alpha also shows the option to convert files into the appropriate formats supported by the various devices. However, TorrentFreak has learned that this tease was put in by mistake and that it will be removed in the next update.

While the device integration will become part of the stable uTorrent release in a few months, conversion will only be available for people who upgrade to the premium uTorrent version, the upcoming uTorrent Plus.

Is file conversion an important aspect uTorrent is leaving out, at least for the free version users? Or does the fact that uTorrent will soon support multiple platforms good enough for you to stay with them?