Ultra HD TV Market to Improve Next Year


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After the revolution of high-definition television, TV manufacturers began searching for the next big feature that will raise the TV market. 3D-enabled TVs have failed to catch on in a big way, held back by the annoying requirement of glasses and the simple fact that 3D doesn't add much to a home viewing experience. The smart TV is a newer initiative, with TV manufacturers providing Netflix directly through TVs. Though smart TV features are popular with consumers they are largely viewed as value add-ons, rather than revolutionary features.

That brings us to 4K TV. Ultra-high definition TV holds the promise of raising visual quality over standard HD in a way HD raised quality over standard-definition televisions. Though sales of the 4K devices are beginning to pick up among enthusiasts, high prices and a dearth of 4K content mean the TVs are seeing slow adoption rates. That could change starting next year, according to market research firm TrendForce.

TrendForce is predicting that market penetration for ultra-high-definition (UHD) TVs could hit 2% in 2014. That would be more than double the penetration rate of 0.8% predicted for this year. The firm predicts that smaller panel sizes and lower costs could drive adoption in the coming years. It stated that low-priced UHD TVs will need to have lower refresh rates and low-cost components to bring them to the greater TV-buying public.

If manufacturers are able to hit lower price points, TrendForce is predicting that UHD market penetration could more than double again in 2015, possibly hitting 4.5% and buoying TV sales overall. According to the report, emerging markets such as China will be key to market share in the coming years.

(Image courtesy Sony)