UK Man Admits To Having Sex With Two Dogs, Horse


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Those who engage in sexual abuse often claim that it was a similar experience in their youth that led them down that path. Does the same apply to animal abuse? One UK case may open up some research in the topic.

The Metro reports that Graham Redfearn, 41, was arrested back in April on suspicions that he had burgled a home. Upon inspecting his home for evidence, police discovered video of him engaging in sexual acts with a horse as well as two dogs. Upon the findings, he was charged with two counts of sexual activity with animals and two charges of owning extreme pornographic content.

When he was arrested, he told police that he was merely "experimenting" by laying on a bed and letting his "dog [do] the rest." He also told the court this month that he was raped by a German Shepherd when he was 12. He didn't go into specifics, but it must have been pretty traumatic if it encouraged him to do the same to other animals.

As for the hearing, Redfearn admitted guilt to all four charges. For that, he was banned from ever owning animals again and given a 10-year sexual offenses prevention order. He would have also been given jail time, but that only comes from an animal abuse conviction. In this case, the court could find no evidence that the animals recorded on video were subjected to any pain during the ordeal.

Interestingly enough, Redfearn had put up an ad on Facebook seeking work on a horse farm just days before his trial. Now that he's required to tell any employer about the above offense, it's unlikely that farms will be hiring him anytime soon.

[Image: Wikimedia Commons] [h/t: Huffington Post]