UFC: Gray Maynard Wins in Spit-Decision, Fans Lose


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Last Friday Gray Maynard got a split decision victory over Clay Guida at the UFC main event in Atlantic City, but it was the fans that lost out in this fight. The key lightweight match-up seemed like it was going to be a brawl from the get go, but what fans saw was anything but.

Maynard tried to turn it into a slugfest early, but Guida danced around the ring, avoiding him at all costs. Truthfully, this is both of the fighter's faults. If Guida thought that he was outmatched standing up, than it is only natural to circle the ring and look for the right opening. It isn't the manliest way to stay in a fight, but at least he was trying to play to his strength. If Mayard wanted a slugfest he should have done a better job of closing in an cutting off Guida's footwork.

At one point, Mayard dropped his hands and stuck out his chin, in an effort to give Guida some free shots. Guida obliged, and it looked like we might see some action. Guida landed three punches before Maynard took back control and went straight into a guillotine. It looked like Maynard might get the quick submission, but Guida slammed him and was able to pull his neck out. So there was some action, brief though it was. At one point referee Dan Miragliotta warned Guida about running, but that was about it.

The lackadaisical fight did not go unnoticed, neither by the fans, nor UFC president Dana White

Whether you place the blame solely on Guida, or give some to Mayard for not closing the bout, one thing is certain, the match did not deliver, and fans are pissed. Most of them put 100% of the blame on Guida:


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