Tyson Returns Ear To Holyfield In Commercial


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I guess things in the world can be OK after all!

Mike Tyson finally returns Evander Holyfield's ear to him.....but this was for fun.

In a new commercial, where Cleveland Cavalier's Kyrie Irving is dreaming about if all is right with the world, Tyson is shown with Holyfield giving back the ear he bit off in their rematch bout in 1997.

Also noted stars included: Brett Farve, Dennis Rodman and Craig Sager. But, it's Tyson and Holyfield who steal the commercial, as Tyson is seen coming to Holyfield's home and presenting his ear back to him. It ends with them hugging it out - tough guys embracing is something to see.

Even Mike can not help to be happy with this commercial as mentioned here:

So too was Evander:

What was profound was again looking back at their bout in what has been called by some, the "bite fight," how these two great boxers over time have been able to forgive and become very good friends. Obviously the commercial was more about selling another basketball shoe, but the message was clear - athletes are people too, and can be enlightened in time. The world can be "right" as Irving stated.

Image via Twitter