Two Women Are Caught Twerking on Subway Tracks


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What's the first thing that pops in your head when you're taking public transportation, namely the subway? If it's not, "Hey, we should twerk on the subway tracks," then you might not be able to run with the two girls in the video above. On the flip side, your chances at making it well into adulthood will have quadrupled.

A video uploaded to YouTube earlier this week shows two women twerking on the subway tracks. It would be ridiculous enough if they decided to twerk on the platform, but the tracks? Sometimes there just aren't words.

When the New York Post talked to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesperson, he didn't have a lot to say but certainly summed up our thoughts on the video. “One word, dumb,” said MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz.

Twelve people have died in MTA subway accidents through June 2, 2013, and 36 people died due to accidents on the subway in NYC last year. Considering that quite a few people die each year on the MTA subway tracks, it is hard to believe that someone would choose to go down to the tracks to shoot a video.

Officials aren't sure which subway station the girls were at, but they have reportedly sent the video to the NYPD. According to the MTA website, not only is going down to the tracks illegal, but people who do so may have to pay a fine of $50. This doesn't seem severe enough considering the situation, but perhaps the NYPD will find another charge to tack on should they find the identities of the women--being a nuisance to the public, perhaps?

As you can imagine, news of the girls twerking on the subway tracks has made it to Twitter and the comments are exactly what you would expect:

[Image via YouTube]