Twitter Sending Out Invites to Select Android Users

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Twitter is sending out golden tickets in the form of notifications to invite beta group testers to a new alpha testing program. Instead of just relying on bug reports for test version feedback, Twitter will now reissue these versions along with a discussion forum for direct interaction between testers and developers.

Back in August, Twitter invited official Android Twitter application users to join a beta testing program to test versions of the app updates before they were released. Beta testers were held to a confidentiality agreement, which limited a tester's ability to voice their opinions and/or frustrations. Twitter has admitted that thus far, the experimental app's functions have been a bit pesty (as in very buggy). Now, Twitter will be able to hear unfiltered sentiments from each tester first-hand with the introduction of an interactive forum.

Keeping an open line of communication in the early stages of testing will hopefully cut down on these types of tweets after update releases:

Kudos to Twitter for a commendable update of their update testing techniques!

Images via Twitter
Source: TheNextWeb