Twitter Recruiting Video Is Cheesy, Awesome

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Twitter's new recruiting video is suffering from something of a split personality. It is both purposely cheesy, but it still shines through as being awesome; or, even better, horribly awesome. Furthermore, the social media platform is indeed hiring and this video is an actual recruiting tool.

Made by Twitter dude Ian Padgham and Jeremy Briggs, who also works for Twitter as a video producer. With that in mind, I wonder who did the filming and the post-production work? Over at the video's YouTube page, the description reveals both the credits and the encourages those that are interested to check out Twitter's jobs page, indicating the cheesy video is, in fact, a real recruiting video. It's clear the video is trying to present a playful atmosphere at Twitter, one where the geek dress code is strictly enforced.

The video is a result of the #hackweek project, one where the goal was to make "the best/worst recruiting video of all time." While it may not take the all time honors, it certainly will be among the top of the heap. They lose a couple of points for setting out on this endeavor. A true "best/worst" would happen much more naturally. That being said, the Twitter duo responsible for the video deserve kudos because what they created is both funny and effective. For those actually interested in pursuing employment with the 140-character king, you can check out the above link to the Twitter jobs page or you can check out the Join The Flock Twitter account.